Como el m-commerce va a cambiar una vez más, la forma en que compramos


Los consumidores son cada vez más móviles y las empresas tienen que llegar hasta ellos aprovechando las características de los nuevos dispositivos. Leer toda la nota:      

Collaboration Is the New Competition

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Leaders and organizations are acknowledging that even their best individual efforts can’t stack up against today’s complex and interconnected problems. They are putting aside self-interests and collaborating to build a new civic infrastructure to advance
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What the Internet of Things Will Look Like in 2025


The term Internet of Things is frequently associated with smart home devices–everyday objects that are hooked up to the internet–but the future of “IoT” technology has more to offer than just refrigerators that can tell you
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Customer data is not customer knowledge


Organisations get blinded by systems that process staggering amounts of data, and expect them to generate fantastic customer insights. Big data holds real promise but to understand customers you still have to engage with them.
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