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“Nadie conoce más de su marca,


Application designed for companies who wish to measure the presence of brand and marketing activities in the camp in an application that can be marked with your name, logo and colors.

Our tool allows control and monitoring of the evolution of their brands at the time, track customers at the same time that the sales force know the current status of their promotions and activities.
Some attributes of Atiemppo online.
-Brand: you can customize the name, logo and colors institutional.
-Upgradeable in the playstore gone directly.
-Allows to know: geo-referenced and State of each data collection.
-Allows you to later review: sales force can validate the captured information and may request a new review, which generates a notification application and an obligatory duty to do the process again.
-It allows the taking of pictures and signatures.
-It allows to have a system of bonuses and awards